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Overhead And Underground Fiber-Optic Cable Installation

Fiber-optic cables are the industry’s most high-tech wiring system and require an expert electrician who understands the material. At Leer Electric in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, we have the knowledge and skill required to install your fiber-optic wiring. We install cable either overhead or underground, depending on your company’s needs and the surrounding landscape. Our well-trained electrical contractors specialize in fiber optics and data cabling for commercial and industrial clients and can help you determine which installation is right for you.

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Underground Fiber-Optic Cable Installation

Underground fiber-optic cable installation has a major aesthetic advantage over aerial installation. Installed cable is invisible and doesn’t mar the surrounding landscape; however, splices are generally stored above ground in a pedestal or vault. Underground cables are invulnerable in areas with high winds, freezing rain or ice but could be damaged by severe flooding.

We can install underground cables in conduit, which provides more protection but increases cost. We can also direct-bury cable without conduit. Cables used in direct-bury applications are more rugged to withstand being buried in dirt and armored to prevent damage from sharp rocks or chewing rodents. Direct-buried cabling is often limited to ground that’s primarily soil.

Overhead Fiber-Optic Cable Installation

While underground fiber-optic cable installation is preferred by many of our customers, overhead installation is more cost-effective. Because trenching isn’t required to bury cable, overhead installation costs less, and you can save even more if we can attach your cable to existing poles or towers. When your landscape is uneven or rocky, overhead installation is often your only option.

Overhead cabling is more vulnerable to weather conditions, but it’s easily accessed for repair, unlike buried cable that must be dug up if there’s a break. Appropriately insulated cable provides better protection against the elements, but lines may still snap under severe conditions. We carefully calculate the strength of the cable and support poles to determine the appropriate span length and prevent straining and sagging.

Your Trusted Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, Electrical Contractor

We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured and have over four decades of professional experience. We’re the premier electrical contractor central Pennsylvania business owners turn to for all their electrical needs. When you need high-tech, quality electrical work completed, trust the experts at Leer Electric. We offer 24-hour emergency service and free estimates on jobs big and small. Contact us at 717-432-9756 to schedule your overhead or underground fiber-optic cable installation today.

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