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Professional Fiber-Optic Cable Installation Service

Leer Electric is a leading commercial and industrial electrical contractor in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, specializing in fiber optics and data cabling. Fiber-optic cables have become the preferred choice over standard copper coax cables due to higher bandwidths, faster speeds, greater security and stability, and longer length limitations.

Our expert electricians understand these high-tech wiring systems and the installation needs for a variety of applications. We offer fast, accurate interior or exterior fiber-optic cable installation, using the appropriate process based on the type of cable being used and the nature of the installation.

electrician carrying cables over right shoulder
Outside Plant Installation 

We install cable outdoors either underground through direct burial or pulled through conduit or aerially by stringing it overhead between poles. Underground cable installation is more aesthetically pleasing, but overhead installation is more cost-effective. Underground cables are less vulnerable to inclement weather, such as freezing rain, ice and high winds, while overhead cables are easier to access for repairs. Hilly or rocky landscapes are typically limited to aerial installations, but flat landscapes with ground that’s primarily soil are ideal for underground applications.

We help you choose the best exterior installation technique based on your preferences and overall landscape. No matter which installation process we use, outdoor fiber-optic cable is usually single-mode and can run over relatively long distances.

Inside Premises Installation 

Indoor fiber-optic cable installation, also called premises cabling, involves shorter cable lengths and typically utilizes multimode fiber to connect various areas within a single large building or between buildings spaced reasonably close together. We tailor indoor fiber-optic cable installations to your property’s layout, the equipment being connected and local building codes.

We design a cabling system that meets your specific criteria and complete your installation with components designed to meet or exceed industry requirements. We generally install interior cables in one piece instead of splicing them together as we would in outdoor applications. We also make every effort to support and protect the cable to provide the longest working life possible. Cables may be placed in hangers, laid in cable trays above ceilings or underneath floors, installed in raceways or pulled through conduit.

Our Systems Grow With You

Leer Electric is fully licensed, bonded and insured and has more than 45 years of professional experience. We’re committed to supplying systems that provide a scalable network that meets not only your company’s current needs but your future needs as well. Contact us at 717-432-9756 to request a free estimate on your exterior or interior fiber-optic cable installation today.