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Thermography in Central PA

Too much heat can indicate a malfunction in electrical equipment. If you own or operate commercial and residential buildings, it is best to discover problems with electrical connections and components before they disrupt service. Leer Electric uses advanced thermal imaging to record the level of infrared thermography radiation emitted by your facility’s or home’s equipment. Thermography is an essential aspect of the preventative maintenance and testing services we offer in Central Pennsylvania. Learn more about thermography near Central PA and how it can help you.

Red, yellow, green, and blue image of thermography scan

Thermography Services with Leer Electric

Leer Electric is a trusted leader in the electrical industry. You can rely on our well-trained electrical contractors to improve the safety of your facility, as well as help reduce its overall use of electricity. We offer thermography scans near Central PA, including Harrisburg, York, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Hanover, and Dillsburg.

Excessive energy consumption is a major issue of concern in the world today. Leer Electric can evaluate the lighting load and other equipment functions in your building or home to determine current usage. We can then recommend ways to lower your energy use by improving the efficiency and safety of machinery and lighting.

After analyzing the information gained with the thermography scans, we may suggest LED installations and LED lighting for energy savings, including maintenance and upgrades for both residential and commercial clients. We offer a variety of industrial and commercial electrical services to keep your facility operating efficiently and safely. These include adding security and alarm systems, installing lighting control and automation, and commercial construction services.

Analyzing Discrepancies in Your Equipment

We use thermography to identify faulty components and connections. Seeking out areas of overload and examining the infrared radiation levels around lighting and other equipment allows us to determine where repairs or replacements are required. Among the many benefits of thermography services from Leer Electric is our ability to inspect difficult-to-reach equipment. By carefully diagnosing the energy output and condition of equipment with thermography, we can help save you time and money. Let us assist you in avoiding catastrophic damage and unscheduled downtime with preventive maintenance, including thermography scans.

Pinpoint Your Trouble Spots Early On

Routine maintenance is invaluable to keeping repair costs low. Thermography can help pinpoint any trouble spots early so we can repair them without fuss or danger. This strategy can help facility operators by:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Avoiding dangerous system failures
  • Eliminating unnecessary repairs and worktime
  • Keeping material expenses low
  • Solving problems at the root
  • Testing without damage or destruction of facilities

Leer Electric uses modern equipment to diagnose and repair electrical problems. Our technicians, journeymen, apprentices, and superintendents are charged with working quickly and safely to regain electrical functions in your building or home. We want to improve the quality of your electrical services, help you save energy, and maintain the safety and comfort of your facility.

Leer Electric Offers Quality Customer Service

The guiding principles of Leer Electric are quality, education, versatility, and communication. That means that every one of our employees works to explain their findings fully and suggest options for improvement. And we will continue to inform and update you throughout our work process. We are dedicated to continually educating ourselves about new developments in the field, as well as new techniques and methods, such as thermography.

Informed by long experience, we are good problem solvers and use versatility to help our commercial, industrial, and residential customers use less energy and maintain safe environments for working and living. We offer quality services and always focus on the best solution for our customers.

Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Building with Leer Electric

Leer Electric was established in 1973. Our quality services have designated us as one of the largest full-service electrical contractors in Central PA. Clients can take advantage of our thermography scans to improve the safety and efficiency of their facility. Whether you need us at your home or business, call Leer Electric at 717-432-9756 to start with a FREE estimate or for our 24-hour emergency dispatch service! For more information, contact us today.