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Pennsylvania Commercial And Industrial NFPA 70E Certification And Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

In commercial and industrial telecommunications industries, NFPA 70E compliance helps keep electrical systems functioning properly. Safety is a major concern when working with any type of electrical infrastructure, and national guidelines help protect both employees and employers. Leer Electric, Inc. can perform an arc flash hazard analysis and provide NFPA 70E certification to ensure that you’re in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules

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Understanding NFPA 70E Certification

NFPA 70E is an OSHA-mandated standard for electrical systems. This set of requirements helps reduce exposure to arc blasts, arc flashes, and other electrical hazards at your facility. Employers are required to protect employees and customers from these types of exposures and having a qualified electrician check your electrical infrastructure confirms that you meet all necessary requirements.

NFPA 70E certification includes multiple components. Analyzing the system to identify hazards is the first step toward obtaining certification. After a thorough analysis, risk assessment can be performed to determine specific problem areas. Risk mitigation is the final step in compliance, and OSHA has a predetermined hierarchical set of risk control methods to protect employees from electrical dangers. If the danger can be eliminated or safer substitute systems are available, these must be considered before other solutions, such as implementing personal protective equipment requirements and increasing awareness of the dangers among staff.

Obtaining An Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Arc flashes occur when an unexpected electrical discharge develops in your system. An arc flash can cause a fire, damage equipment, or injure personnel working on the line. An arc flash hazard analysis involves a full assessment of your electrical system to ensure safety for workers at every point of contact with live electrical wires or devices. NFPA 70E compliance requires an arc flash risk assessment every five years, and you can opt to have your electrical infrastructure assessed more frequently if necessary. 

Leer Electric, Inc. offers comprehensive arc flash services, including hazard analysis, to help protect your employees and make sure that you meet all applicable OSHA regulations. Our assessment process includes a period of data collection, the creation of a computer model of your system, and an engineering analysis of the results. Our team provides a detailed final report detailing any current and possible risks, along with recommendations for improvements or modifications, in order to ensure that you comply with national standards.

Commercial And Industrial Telecommunications NFPA 70 E Compliance

In the telecommunications industry, efficient, safe electrical systems are essential. The systems that power high-speed data transfers and telecommunications switching may be subject to power arcs. Regular analysis of the entire electrical line can determine where problem areas might occur, so you can fix them before they become dangerous.

Beyond just meeting national requirements, getting NFPA 70E certified ascertains that your business is protected from fires. Electrical issues are a leading cause of structure fires in the U.S., and regular risk assessment and preventative maintenance help keep your infrastructure safe. Leer Electric, Inc. is an authorized CurrentSAFE® Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM) provider, which means that our technicians are trained and certified to assess, test, and repair a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment and wiring systems. 

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