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Commercial Electricians Automating Power for PA Businesses

Electrical automation within your business has a number of benefits, from process efficiency to substantial savings on utility costs. The commercial electricians at Leer Electric, Inc., can help you understand where automation may be an option in your business or buildings. We can also design new electrical services, build and install components or entire systems and maintain upgrades or installations to ensure long-lasting performance for your company. 

Potential Benefits Of Automated Electrical Components 

One of the first and most obvious benefits of automated electrical components is that you can save money on power costs. This is because certain functions can be designed to power up only as needed. Lights, for example, may go on and off according to motion, so you don’t have to worry about bulbs burning on long after someone has left a space. You can schedule equipment to power on and off or enter standby modes according to work needs, and you can use smart technologies to manage climate control and other energy-sucking functions necessary for your business. 

Another important benefit of automation is safety. This is especially true in industrial environments, but it can also be useful in all types of business buildings. Electrical automation can be structured so that power is cut to certain areas or machines under specific conditions to reduce the chance of injury to staff or damage to the machine or surrounding area. 

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Automation Services Offered By Our Commercial Electricians 

We offer a wide range of automation installation and maintenance services. We can help with: Lighting automation (including power and dimming) 

  • Equipment control 
  • Motion control 
  • System integrations 
  • Automation of full processes 
  • Climate control 
  • Troubleshooting new or existing systems 
  • Design build 
  • System installation