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Whether you are working with a commercial or residential property, planning, constructing, and renovating can be overwhelming endeavors. With many crucial decisions to make, people often overlook a few important features during the project. One feature you should not pass by is LED lighting. Appropriate lighting prevents workplace injuries by increasing visibility and reducing eye fatigue and headaches. Here, Leer Electric offers questions you should ask an LED lighting expert before you begin your project.

Why Use LED Instead of Fluorescent Lights?

When thinking about the types of lights you will use, you may consider using fluorescent bulbs over LED lights given that fluorescent lighting has been a trusted technology for years. However, LED lighting technology offers a variety of distinct advantages compared to fluorescent, such as:

  • Lifespan: When it comes to lifespan, no other bulb type can compete with the superiority of LED, including fluorescent. New LED lights boast impressive longevity that ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. For comparison, the typical lifespan of a fluorescent bulb is roughly around 10,000 hours.
  • Energy-efficiency: Relative to all other bulb types, LED lights are extremely energy-efficient. This efficiency occurs in large part because LEDs waste very little energy in the form of infrared radiations and emit light directionally. 
  • Quality of light: LED lights offer a higher quality of light compared to other bulb types, providing much higher visibility and safer conditions.
  • Ease of maintenance: Because LED bulbs last much longer than their competitors, they require less maintenance and are less likely to need changing.

Are LED Lights Expensive?

While once considered an expensive and luxury lighting option, LED lighting has seen a significant decrease in price, making them a more affordable lighting option. Although many LED options are still pricier than other light bulbs, their benefits justify their higher cost. When you couple the reduced price of LED lights with their energy-saving properties, you have an excellent lighting choice.

Are LED Lights Safer than Other Bulb Options?

Possibly one of the most overlooked advantages of LED bulbs is their exceptional safety. When it comes to lighting, heat emissions produced by light bulbs can lead to potential dangers. However, unlike other bulb types, LEDs emit almost no forward heat. In addition, LED lights require less power for operation, allowing them to run effectively on low-voltage electrical systems. These systems are generally safer than those of high voltage.

Another reason why LED bulbs are a safer choice is that they do not have traces of mercury that fluorescent lights do. Should an LED bulb break, it poses less of a health risk for employees and clients. 

Because LED lights result in less flickering than other bulb types, like fluorescent, they often lead to fewer lighting-related headaches and eyestrains. This benefit may improve the health and quality of life of employees or guests.

Are LED Lights a Reliable Choice?

When selecting a lighting option for your commercial business or place of residence, it is important to choose one that is dependable and capable of handling multiple conditions. LED lights are known to be very durable and operate effectively in colder temperatures. They also withstand more impact and vibrations than other light types. LEDs have this ability because they contain no filaments or other delicate parts.

Because LED lights work well in cold weather settings and stand up to unexpected forces, they make for an excellent outdoor lighting option.

How Are Faulty Parts Replaced?

Because there is currently not a standard for drivers and LED boards set by the LED lighting industry, replacing faulty parts might be a lengthy process. This is because only the manufacturer can supply parts, so more of a lead time is required for repairs. That being said, the experts at Leer Electric have a process in place to help make repairs as efficient as possible for our clients.

Most LED lights have warranties for a period of five to ten years. These warranties typically cover all parts, but consumers should be aware that newer fixtures could come with a higher rate of failure. This should be accounted for when ordering fixtures and extras, which can help to accommodate the longer lead times on replacement parts.

Trust the LED Lighting Experts at Leer Electric

LED lights offer a wide range of benefits, including extended lifespan, greater reliability, and increased energy savings, but understanding the best strategies for installing them at your business can be challenging. Therefore, it pays to trust the experts for guidance on LED lighting.

The professionals at Leer Electric help clients throughout Central PA with all their lighting needs including lighting repair and LED installations. To learn more about LED bulbs from the LED lighting experts, contact us today at Leer Electric.

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