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Arc Flash Services

Arc Flash Services in Dillsburg, York, and Lancaster

An arc flash is an unexpected electrical discharge that can result in dangerous explosions and fires that can damage equipment and cause serious harm to electrical workers and maintenance personnel. Leer Electric, Inc. provides premier arc flash services that will help preserve the safety of your employees. Our risk analysis-assessment process consists of several important stages.

Image of arc flash

Data Collection

During the data collection stage our technicians perform an exhaustive review of all electrical distribution systems in a given facility. This complex study allows us to identify potentially dangerous hazards and to determine ways to improve safety. The data collecting stage is extremely vital, as it can account for nearly 50 percent of the entire analysis effort.

Single-Line Model

After the first stage is complete, the data is then used to create a comprehensive model of the electrical distribution system. This single-line diagram works as a momentary snapshot of a facility and can be modified in the future, if necessary. Ultimately, this model helps to simplify the troubleshooting process, ensure proper facility operation, and helps to improve and establish compliance with all industry requirements and specifications.

Engineering Analysis

Once the single-line model is complete, we utilize it to draft a variety of engineering analyses. This includes the incident energy analysis, short circuit analysis, protective device interrupt rating analysis, and the protective device coordination analysis.

Report of Findings

After gathering all findings, we will create a detailed report that highlights any potential risks or problem areas that need to be addressed. The report will also include detailed recommendations and methods that will help to enhance safety levels and reduce arc flash risks.

Field Labeling

Proper field labeling plays a vital role in worker safety. These labels, which must comply with industry standards and NFPA 70E, are installed on electrical equipment to warn workers of potential hazards. Labeled equipment could include panel boards, switchboards, meter sockets, industrial control systems, and much more.

Electrical Safe Work Practices Training

Once all of the aforementioned steps have been completed, we can then provide employee training services. Here we will educate them on a host of life-saving safety practices. This includes lessons on avoiding electrical hazards while working with or around energized parts, distinguishing between live and inactive parts, and determining nominal voltage levels.

Leer Electric, Inc. boasts a team of highly skilled electrical contractors, technicians, journeymen, apprentices, and superintendents. Contact us today to request a quote and to learn more about our arc flash services.