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Leer Electric, Inc.

Lighting that serves you and your budget
Count on us for cost effective solutions, a wide selection, and superior design, installation, and repair services for your lighting needs. Whether it’s safety, necessity, or atmosphere, dependable and appealing lighting design in York, PA, is an essential element to your business. Who better to trust with lighting your home than an electrical company? We have the expertise, professionalism, and tools to install and service any lighting system you wish to have. One of our technicians will even come out and give you suggestions for how to effectively light your home while keeping within your budget.

Has your lighting suffered from a power surge?
Power surges can damage bulbs, burn out light fixtures, even create short circuits that pose a serious threat to your health and safety. If your light switches or fixtures act up after a surge, let a member of our professional team conduct a thorough inspection. Our electrical repair technicians will assess the situation, repair any problems, and then walk you through measures you can take to prevent it from happening in the future. Power surges can be frightening and sometimes even dangerous, so it’s a good idea to safeguard your home against them as best you can. We can help you with that!Outside lighting- Dillsburg, PA- Leer Electric

Performing all aspects of electrical repair

  • Re-lamping or re-ballasting
  • Fluorescent or LED and HID systems
  • Troubleshooting wiring
  • Low voltage lighting solutions
  • Downed pole service
  • Site lighting design
  • Maintenance, retrofit, installation, or repair
  • Underground cable repair or replacement

Electrical repair in Harrisburg, PA, is only a phone call away! Whether you need us at your home or business, call Leer Electric, Inc. at 717.432.9756 to start with a FREE estimate or for our 24 hour emergency dispatch service!